This precious little girl came into care in June 2008. Upon admission she was found to have a meningocele which was treated surgically following her admission. In July 2008 she had two surgeries to insert a shunt for hydrocephalus.   She was with a foster family until January 2010 when she was placed in an institution.  Her care givers report that she is paralyzed in her lower limbs and may require more surgeries in the future.  She is able to sit on her own and likes to play with toys.   It is also reported that she smiles a lot and is speaking two syllable words.


Alice is listed as having cerebral palsy, but a recent update has her re-diagnosed as deaf. She does not have cerebral palsy at all, and is developmentally and intellectually on target. Alice is 2.5 years old, and very cute! Here is how her caregivers describe her:
 “Alice” is lively and cute. She is developing very well except she can’t hear. She is very smart. She runs and jumps. She can feed herself and she is fully potty trained. She likes to imitate others. She likes to play with other children, likes to shopping (walking around). There is one thing need to clarify: ”Alice” has no CP, but she is deaf.



Ava is a beautiful little girl with a smile that will steal your heart! She is almost three years old. Her caretakers state that she is active, bright, pretty, and cute and that her eyelashes are especially long. She is outgoing and loves to play with other children.  She has post-operative meningocele and post-operative hydrocephalus. She has also been diagnosed with epilepsy and is a Hepatitis B carrier. Her caretakers hope that she will find a wonderful family to care for her!



Wendy is a sweet little girl who is 3 years old. Her caretakers call her “Little Sweetie.” They state that she is smart and has 2 adorable dimples when she smiles. She is well-liked by those around her and loves to dance and sing. She has an active personality and loves playing outside. She has burn scars on her face and head, but is healthy otherwise.


Kara is a quiet and sweet six year old girl.  She attends kindergarten and lives in a foster home with three other children.

Special Need:  Increased mastoid density on the left side


Ellie is a quieter ten year old girl who enjoys drawing and playing with barbie dolls.  She lives in a foster home.  Ellie attends second grade.  She has many friends.

During her interview it was stated that she needs glasses.  Her right foot is slightly inverted, however, she walks normal. 

Special Need: poor binocular vision


Charlotte will soon be ineligible for adoption, as she will celebrate her 14th birthday on November 5th.  She desperately needs a family to step forward for her before it is too late! She is a healthy 13 year old who is described as extroverted and talkative. She is at ease around strangers, and is called "a sensible girl". Charlotte does very well in school.

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